Is bloggiquette important? A point of view.

Even graffiti artists recognise the importance of good manners.

I was brought up to be polite. I probably take it a bit far though, apologising to dogs when I need to squeeze pass them on the pavement and thanking the cat when he allows me a decent share of my own bed.

I have to own up to finding good manners extremely seductive and any old mad axe man Continue reading


Ephemera …

Before I go any further I just want to wish the usual suspects who read this blog a PEACEFUL AND ABUNDANT NEW YEAR! (Forgive the shouting but I am aware that some of you are not in the UK).

And immense thanks must go to those of you who very kindly commented on my last post and held me together. I was rapidly sinking into the slough of despond thinking I had lost my fanny  Continue reading

When being a writer becomes frightening.

I call myself a writer because I write. It has taken me many years to own up to the fact that I write, it was just a shameful secret, like having webbed feet or a third nipple. Continue reading

Christmas news … er, sorry … knees.

Just over a week later this is all that can be seen of my knee operation.

It’s not pretty but just over a week later this is all that can be seen of my knee operation.

This post comes with a warning: it is not for the squeamish. (I’m sorry, it is a long time since my knees were the subject of admiration … if they ever were).

I know it’s the Christmas Season and this post is a bit off topic but I feel you really kneed to know about my knee operation. (See what I did there? What do you mean ‘why’?)

It wasn’t a major operation you understand, more a sort of wash and brush up of the knee … but from the inside. Even so as I was lying there just about to go in to the operating theatre I really did change my mind. I got an attack of the wobblies and the technicians purposefully distracting chatter didn’t fool me. I just wanted to get up and walk out, tastefully flashing my well-padded, dimpled rear Continue reading